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Sunday, February 24, 2002 :::
last night i met jarad at carlo's hockey game. jordan and ashley came with me. i haven't seen jarad in more then a year, but i've kept in contact with him. so i guess just actually being around him was different. i cna't explain how it felt yet. i liked it, i wanted to be with just him a little more. his friends were all there too, i meet jimmy, lol i thought i would hate the boy but he is really nice. i didn't talk to any of his other friends. i have NO idea what he tells them about me, so i feel uncomfortable. specially sense they give me all these odd looks. they look at me like i am the ex girlfriend, and they know what i don't. ahhhhh. i wanted to go to his house today i should have said something to him yesturday about hanging out today but i don't think that far ahead. maybe i will pick up ashley bring her here, and we can call jarad and see what he is doing...... even though i was going to wait and see if he was going to call me first, but i don't play games like that anymore.... gah. carlo did not look anything like i expected him to. lol. hes cute, but omg. hes tall, muscle, brown hair, he looks like an actor. lol. i was like omg i talked to that boy on the phone! i'm a dork though. i know other things about him through jarad that makes me laugh cuz all these girls would look at him and be like, wow, and i know his imbarresing secrets. hehe. lol. ya well i am gonna go and stuff now.

::: posted by Amanda at 11:50:00 AM

Friday, February 01, 2002 :::

::: posted by Amanda at 9:55:00 AM

Today was our second snow day. We haven't had a snow day at all for at least 3 years. I'm very amazed. Last night I went to see "oceans 11" with my friend amanda t. It was very fun. She is a very cool girl to hang out with. I can't believe we didn't start to become friends sooner. I want to do something later tonight but with the roads so bad its kind of hard to plan anything at all. There might be a game, but I am not sure how that goes, if school is cancelled then the game is too? Hmmm. I don't think I feel like a game though. They can become quite boring. Well i am still dateless to Swirl, the boy I have been planning to ask still hasnt been online. It would be a lot easier if i had his phone number or something. Oh well. I skipped out on two soccer conditions this week. ya, that can't be good. I have been working out at home though, so I shouldn't be too far behind.
I think I should go to the mall, or something because I really think I need to get some new guys in my life. I don't know if its just my school, or if this happens in all highschools. But last year the guys used to be pretty cool, I like hanging out with them. But this year, i swear they haven't matured at all. They are all hanging all over the freshmen girls, hoping to score, some have already. You think you know these guys, and think they are really sweet and wouldn't ever go to a formal dance with a girl just because they know they are going to get some after the dance because this girl has given a lot in her time and is starting to care less who she gets it from. But hey. whatever boosts your ego right? I never realized how insecure they all really were. Quite sad. I am not jealous though, they aren't my type of guys anyway. My school is very limited and the personalities of the guys. There is either jocky, jerk, or trashy boring. We have maybe one punk skater in the school. ONE OUT OF LIKE 600. gosh. I doubt theres any good christian boys either, i know there aren't in any of my imediate guy friends, sure they SAY they are. But what kind of a christian boy steals cookies out of the lunch line? And swears up a storm just because there are some people around they want to impress. I really think I can do better then that.
So yes, i have to find some new replacements.

::: posted by Amanda at 9:47:00 AM

Friday, January 11, 2002 :::
Well, this is my first time using this um, blogger type charade. I have an opendiary but this seemed much more private.
Today I am going to the basketball game at Godwin Highschool, it should be alright, but I've been in really crappy moods lately and I am not sure why. Its not that time of the month, I am pretty sure I am not depressed again, because its not those kind of feelings. It's new. Wow, the joys of being a 16 year old. Hormones and all that, are soooo great to have, let me tell ya.Maybe tomorrow will be better when i go shopping with Jill. Girls day out, no boys to bring me down.

::: posted by Amanda at 5:05:00 PM

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